Basic Usage Instructions:
1.Download the latest program from our website, unzip and install it.
2.Double-click the program to run it.
3.Open a PPT/PDF file and press F5 (for PPT files) or Ctrl+L (for PDF files) to start a full-screen presentation (you can also use mouse operations).
4.You should have noticed that the countdown has started.
5.If you need to adjust the duration or other settings, right-click on the FlyClock window and set as required.
6.If you require more control during use, please utilize the remote control feature.

The main features:

1. [No Need to Change PPT] Using FlyClock does not require any changes to PPT or PDF documents, and the timer position can be dragged at any time, completely avoiding damage to document layout and style due to adding a timing feature, and reducing the workload of setup.

2. [Automatic Timing] You only need to display your PPT or PDF in fullscreen, and FlyClock will start timing automatically; it also stops automatically when the presentation ends, allowing presenters to focus on their content without constantly monitoring the start, stop, and progress of the timer.

3. [Effective Alerts] FlyClock can play an alert sound as the timer is about to end or when it does end, and it can even black out the screen, enabling you to manage time alerts more effectively.

4. [Quiet Operation] FlyClock is a quiet time prompter that runs unobtrusively, provides timely alerts, and won't overshadow your presentation.

5. [Remote Control] FlyClock supports remote control for starting, stopping, and displaying, making collaboration easier and better handling unexpected situations during presentations.

6. [Powerful Features] FlyClock allows setting different timing durations, with options for counting up, counting down, or displaying the clock, meeting all your timing expectations.

7. [Widely Applicable] FlyClock is not only suitable for speeches, training, and teaching scenarios but also for timing management in meetings, exams, and other events.